Monday, September 21, 2009

BlogMeet Report!

...Also a quick BlogShoot Excuse Report: after a morning spent faffing about (my Sistema Colt is headed out to get big sights, among other things), I made it to the range around 2:15, with barely enough time to say Hi and do a quick function check of my Star PD .45, for which I have had a couple "new" 7-round magazines for awhile that have never been to the range. With my primary .45 at the 'smith, it's time for the back-up. If you are serious about self-defense, y'don't just dig the thing out of your sock drawer, brush off the lint and assume it will work.

The extended mags are fine. The gun, it turns out, runs better with a few drops of lubricant. At least I did remember it'd been a long time since it was last out and grabbed a bottle of light oil, or I'd've been slicing open one of the just-in-case packets of cleaner/lubricant.

There was a wide array of shooters present, from young couples to grandfatherly-looking guys; as I was packing up (why is it the range always goes cold one gun short of having everything packed? Gotta be related to the fall of toast and how motorcycles can make it rain), more people were showing up. Always good to see Eagle Creek busy.

BlogMeet: I managed to show up a mere five minutes late and festivities had already begun! In attendance, Shermlock Shomes and Shermlock, Jr., Old Grouch, Nathan, the Kerry family: père, fils and spouse, and first-time attendees (and co-winners of the coveted Cup of Turonistan for the blogger who traveled the longest distance to attend), B and Midwest Chick! A fine time was had by all. Very interesting discussions of politics, gear and Things That Go Wrong On Two Wheels.

...And now I've gotta git -- times wastin' and I napped when I should have been doing laundry yesterday.

In a mere six days: September BlogMeet the Second! It'll be at Brugge.


Ritchie said...

If you or anyone else drove to the range, chances are good that there's a supply of cleaner/lubricant nearby. A few drops of ATF from the automatic transmissiion dipstick will serve. Just be careful, it the car has just been run, there can be a hot oil treatment like you wouldn't believe.

Midwest Chick said...

Really enjoyed meeting you! Hopefully we can be there every now and again between gun shows. Anticipating good conversation makes the drive seem MUCH shorter!!

Caleb said...

The answer to the question "how much lubricant is enough for a 1911" is "More."

B said...

Depends on the lube. Email me with an address and I will send you a sample of a lube/cleaner that will suprise you. Or see me at the next indy 1500 gunshow and introduce yourself and I will give you some to try.

(Disclusure: I am dealer of Strike-Hold, but it really works for firearms. Developed for the military, it really works well for handguns, particularly the 1911)

That goes for you to Roberta...Free sample!