Saturday, July 03, 2010

Breakfast Challenge!

Had to work late Friday and didn't get to the market on the way home. So this morning, serious cabinet and fridge scrounging has turned up the following:
1 box Zataran's "Jambalaya" rice mix
1 can of straw mushrooms
4 eggs
Most of a package of bacon
Half an andouille sausage
Some halved, pitted black olives
Think I can make a nutritious, tasty, filling breakfast with only that to work with? ;)

Update: And I didn't even use the olives!


Home on the Range said...

I think I deleted my comment.

But in a nutshell. YUM!!

Tam said...

It was delicious.

I hit it with a dash of chili-garlic Cholula. Heaven in a bowl!

Jeffro said...

That's quite the bowl!

BobG said...

A little Tabasco, and you're set.

Roberta X said...

Jeffro: bowl, or contents? The bowls themselves are nice big, old-fashioned soup plates. Several years go, one of the supermarkets had some promotion going with the famous soupmaker and I bought a couple. Wish I'd bought more!

Anonymous said...

(That growling you hear is from the pit of my stomach.)

What she said, +1.

Anonymous said...

Jambalaya for breakfast? Oh Yeah!
Rey B