Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smartphone Singularity

Eric S. Raymond points out the Smartphone Singularity: that is a tricorder in your pocket and with every new model, it does more of what other things used to do.

Who knew we'd back into that ol' SF trope, the pocket computer, via portable radiophones? The Future: usually weirder than predicted.


Alan said...

It's interesting how little phone there is in a smartphone.

Drang said...

There is actually a "Tricorder" app for Android phones.

Jeffro said...

And cameras, too! They're even getting better as time goes by. I take more pics just because the thing is handy and there.

Who knew?

Drang said...

So, I was not going to download the thing, but I had to go lookl it up, and it really works. Well, it really does "stuff." "Tricorder: Functional Nerdity, at it's best"

Standard Mischief said...

And hey, it has a calculator too!

The only thing wrong with esr's post is that 1999 called and wanted their palm pilot back.