Monday, July 19, 2010

July BlogMeet

Went well, I thought, though after I told our waitress that we "expected a dozen friends," the total was at least 17.

There was an absolute monsoon rain pouring, which resulted in one bunch of bloggers taking shelter inside and another finding a dry spot under the awning. As the rain ended and more folks looked around, we stopped wondering where everyone was and merged the two groups.

Topics under discussion ranged from novels (being read and being written), .mil rifles and why it is the Army is so very keen on standardization while some other branches seem to be way more interested in #ALTERNATIVE LONGARM DU JOUR (hint: which one still frets over needing to train and arm a zillion recently-ex civilians in a hurry?) to some background on Top Shot and a reminder of local cartridge-maker Acme Ammo (Shootin' Buddy gives them two thumbs up).

The attendee's list is something of a who's who:
Crucis, Mr. and Mrs!
Earl, "Just the Library Keeper" (Yep, on his trusty steed -- photo later)
Frank W. James
Caleb "Mr. Television"
Shootin' Buddy
The Jack
Owen Nathan*
Og (and Mrs. Og and the Oglet, who has cleverly inherited the best characteristics of both parents)
Shermlock & Mrs. Shomes
Old Grouch
Owen, Our Man On The Cutting Edge
Roberta X (who?)

Much sweet corn was distributed. (Fresh Indiana sweet corn!). Much good talk, delightful beverages+ and fine food!
* Why two Owens and no Nathan? As I was typing, I asked Tam, "The dark-haired fellow you were chatting with, his name's right on the tip of my tongue..." "Owen," she said, as I was just fixing to type "Nathan." Fingers followed ears instead of brain; then, a few names on, I added Owen to the list a second time. Sorry, guys.

+ Those inclined enjoyed Broad Ripple Brew Pub's fine assortment of beer, ales &c, both the in-house brews and various others; for me, sleepy as I have been and as susceptible as I am to the Demon Rum, it was Sprecher Cherry Cola, very good.


Owen said...

There were two Owens, and I failed to meet the other? I'm going to lose my membership to the Owen Club.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I was there... :)

Davidwhitewolf said...

Oh, very cool! Earl's great people, I had a blast chatting with him at Boomershoot 2009, so now I'm one degree of Kevin Bacon away from you all.

Crucis said...

I must apologize that I didn't get to meet everyone face-to-face. Truth be told, I was in a lot of pain. I injured the planar(sp?) tendon on the bottom of my foot some time ago and the drive over irritated it.

Roberta pointed out Og when he arrived but I neglected to visit the other table. Mea Culpa.

Still, there's always the next time.

Old Grouch said...

I counted 20 on hand. At this rate, we may need to find a bigger place.