Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise

One much-linked article in the Chicago Tribune warns of the dangers of guns in the home (from studies that failed to control for, among other things, if the firearms were legally possessed).

Another Trib piece tells of a proposed ordinance to reduce or eliminate lighting up one's property at night, even to limit streetlights.

Why, it's almost as if criminals controlled the government up-- Oh.

(On a happier note, citizens in that neck of the woods don't seem to share the notions their putative betters espouse. And not even all Tribune staffers toe the party line, either. How 'bout that?)


joseph said...

That first article is so full of holes it isn't funny.

Stranger said...

And of course, the president of the US' pre-eminent funder of anti-gun organizations just had to get creative and use her own (or one of her client organizations) set of numbers. Which are roughly four times greater than those of her alleged source.

It reminds me of HCI's "A gun kills a child every thirty seconds" presser of a few years ago.


Your Correspondent said...

The good news is, few people read the Tribune anymore.
It's down to so few pages I accidentally read the whole thing cover to cover over a medium-sized breakfast.
The bad news is, their electronic media arm, WGN and its affiliates, is still doing the dirty work the dead-tree division's been doing since the Sixties, most especially with "news" programs at six and ten that are much closer to editorials with faux-reporters holding microphones.