Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now I Gotta Stop Right Here....

And apologize to Mustelidae, certain .mil pilots, all 47 (+/- an indeterminate number depending on the credulousness of judges and juries and their own glibness and perspicacity) honest & non-sneaking lawyers in the sundry and assorted States and Territories of this vast and variegated nation and at least one (1) blogger for my gratuitous and flippant use of the term "weasel." Not to mention every last little black-footed ferret on the Great Plains and probably the Vietnamese River Otters who pair-bond for life like swans, too.

Howsomever, I do hope the readers will consider that the very same, "avoid, evade. Synonyms: balk, beat around the bush, circumvent, cop out, dance around an issue, dodge, etc." so amusing in a smallish, short-legged predator (unless it is after our own chickens), so vital a skill in air warfare and so endearing when it is our attorney doing it on our behalf, becomes something less than admirable when it is done to us or to members of our loosely-affiliated and far-flung tribe -- and all the more so when a mealy-mouthed essayist essays verbal prestidigitation in proposing the continuing impoverishment and disempowerment of our entire society so his own ill-conceived pet causes can keep on with the free money from The Government.

That is all.


MO Bro said...

My thoughts exactly! Bravo!

Roberta X said...

(I left out two families of crittes -- ottoris Oakleii, the Anything You Ca Do, I Can Do Otter and s. obligatus, the Otter Do)

Stranger said...

My late brother in law, a lawyer, reminded me of St. Raymond, the patron Saint of lawyers.

This meek individual died, and was at first refused entry to heaven. He made so much fuss he was taken to Saint Peter, who explained there were no lawyers in heaven.

"But Sire," said the little man," I am a disciple of Raymond, and I am that lawyer who never took a penny my clients could not afford, and I kept my family in rags that I might support the Church. When I was made a judge I took no bribes and always ruled against those who tried to bribe the court!"

So the heavenly records were diligently searched, and after some time, Saint Peter told the man to "Come in and welcome, to the only lawyer in Heaven." And so it is to this day.