Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mood Lifters: Airplanes, Clever Republicans

...Aw, heck -- any politician from any party who was clever the right way would be jake with me; but so few are. This item's fun just for the Palinesque Leftie-heads-go-splody aspects: "Has Jeb Bush" (dramatic organ chords) "Gone Tea Party?!?!?!"(even dramatic-er organ chords). I dunno. But I'll bet he'll go where the votes are.

And as for planes -- more to the point, air shows -- a reader sent me this link to his collection of air-show photos awhile back and I have been savin' it for a rainy day; with the current humidity, we're close enough. Have a look -- enjoy!


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

"jake" ???

What on earth have you been reading to pick up on that one?

You can't, surely, claim to have heard it in person.

Roberta X said...

Did, too. Both of my parents were among the very youngest of large families; their parents were born and did most of their growing-up in the 19th century. Then my folks had kids a bit later than most and.... Add in Mother's large and varied vocabulary and yes, I did occasionally hear "jake" used in place of "okay" in some contexts.

Stranger said...

Actually, jake as an expression of approval is pretty widespread among handworkers.

Jake as a privy (As my Acadian fran Mel puts it; "I cannot tole a lie, Papa! I wanna be like dat George Washington and told de trooff all de time. I push de jake in de bayou, Papa." "Dass all rite about dat Georges Washington, but his papa was not in de jakes when he push it in de bayou.) is less so. And then there is jake as a "brake," as a horse, and a host of other expressions.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Neat stuff.

I'd only seen jake as a term of approval in WW I US and Canadian military, and in conversations from the 1920's.

Well, except for young male wild turkeys, but we're not in a hunting forum.