Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Morning Munching

...Corned beef hash "supercharged" with a can of plain corned beef (gotta rotate those emergency rations!), eggs cooked atop it and garnished with a lot of fresh red bell pepper plus a finely-diced skinny, bright-red $HOT PEPPER surplused from our neighbor's garden, toasty warm when you leave in the seeds, washed down with good hot coffee with just a dash of cinnamon. Yum!

There'd've been a photo but it didn't last that long. Stick around; I'll add a snapshot of Wednesday's fare, Hoosier-fried rice. (Plus, A Famous Dead Visitor: it's not just Elvis any more!)There ya go: "Caribbean" rice mix, fresh mushrooms, green onions, tiny sweet peppers from Locally Grown Gardens (cut into decorative rings!), eggs and bacon. Delightful!


Standard Mischief said...

wow, you must sure like your hash. Ya even got hash marks on your #HOT PEPPER

Is the Hoosier-fried rice made with real Hoosiers? And is that somehow related to the Famous Dead Visitor?


Roberta X said...

Grrrdammit, stoopid string variable marker squirmed right out from under my fingertip.

I'm quite sure $FAMOUS_DEAD_VISITOR is only here to sample the famous hash. Yes. Only.