Friday, July 23, 2010


O.M.G. Almost didn't get out of bed and havin' serous issues with that verticality thing, not to mention any light source that uses more than 15 Watts.

More blog later -- for now, a quick one and it is (oh, horrors!) a hat-tip to the paper; big TV coverage this morning of picketing workers and former workers at a downtown hotel, arrested for gettin' in people's way, sidewalk-blockage and general moping-about; which is pretty standard stuff. But what's the beef? This isn't air-traffic control; they can organize and generally the law makes everyone play mostly fair, right?

--Here's where the paper comes in: they (and not, alas, the lean, mean electronic media) report that it seems the sticky wicket is would-be union wants to use "card check," a Soviet-style open ballot, to vote on organizing, while the hotel is holding out for the kind of secret ballot that was good enough for even the most militant CIO organizers in the 1930s. And the law protects the secret ballot process in such matters; all the wannabe-union would have to do is paint by the numbers. In-ter-est-ing.

One has to wonder how much this is about unionizing the folks who slap fresh "Sanitized For Your PROTECTION" labels on the water glasses and toilet seats...and how much about forcing employers to accept the "card check" process.

Gotta go. The shower calls; perhaps on top of the OTC pain pills I gulped down 45 minutes ago, my head won't be ready to go 'splodey after some time in the steam and warm water.


Stranger said...

"Card Check" is the union's way of unionizing a work force that does not want to be unionized. It is a return to the period before the "Australian ballot," when the ballots came pre-printed, and workers left arm was twisted while they signed with the right.

Something America's unions look back on with great fondness.


Drang said...

They--and by "they" in this case I mean the major unions, including the Teamsters, ACORN, the SEIU, and the Democratic Party--want Card Check forced through before the Party of Stupid takes back the Con-Gress.
Because, the way things are going, it may not be the Party of Stupid for long. (Although I am not hopeful, I giggled as I electronically signed the petition to replace Michael Steele with Sarah Palin...)

Ian Argent said...

Now that's a more appropriate place for her than candidate, at this point...

(WV: quagabp - what they're mired in down in the Gulf)

rickn8or said...

Hope everything stops being so sharp and sparkly for you soon.