Sunday, July 25, 2010

"...could have been anything he wanted to be..."

But who'd'a thunk the descendant of Alexander Graham Bell would have decided to spy for Cuba -- from inside the State Department!

It may sound like one of the wilder accusations of ol' Joe McCarthy, but Kendall and Gwedolyn Myers were arrested June 2009 and tried just last week; they'd been feeding information to Castro's regime for years.

I'm reminded of the old John Bircher billboards in the little town where I grew up, a map of Florida and Cuba with the latter in lurid red and the legend, "It can't DID happen here!" Whattaya know, it still "can't" -- and it still does.

(Tickles me to link to the pinkos at MSDNC for this story, though they're just rippin' and readin' webbin' a wire service. Ah, how they must've wept, reporting it).


Anonymous said...

Time for a hangin

Montie said...


The comments section on the story is truly entertaining. The leftists (who have never been to Cuba) all think of it as some utopian paradise, but the people who are from there, have relatives there, or have spent time on the island among the population (not in the tourist areas) are trying to set them straight on what a craphole the Castro brother have turned it into.

Anonymous said...

A short drop and a sudden stop, indeed.


George said...

Good thing ol' Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy was censured and completely discredited - no commies under this bed! No, wait a minute! Isn't this administration just filled with revolutionaries turned bureacrats?!
Guess ol' Joe was RIGHT!

Roberta X said...

He was right about Alger Hiss....