Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not On The Range

...Doggone it. I was exhausted yesterday; got up, posted something, felt tired and slept for a half hour, dropping right into an entire movie's worth of dreaming sleep. Woke back up, made breakfast, showered and afterward, got all dizzy, laid down again and pow! Off to Dreamland 'til late in the day.

At least I did a little laundry and helped with dinner (steaks a la Tam, which would be seared in a little high-temp oil with salt & pepper; I made electromagnetically-baked potatoes plus a cucumber, radish, leek & shredded carrot salad that paired up nicely with a mildly sweet vinaigrette). After that, though, just a little Internetting and back to horizontal until about 0900.

I begged off A (Huge) Healthy Breakfast and trip to Eagle Creek this morning. I'm still tired. I shorted myself on sleep last week, while doing a lot of physical work; you can't make up on the sleep per se but it is possible to get one's neurochemistry a little out of whack by not sleeping enough...and the body will, eventually, set things right by demanding downtime. I guess that's what happened.

Tam did mention yesterday she had a range date but even then, I was dubious about attending. Plus, I'm way behind on cleaning guns; if I don't take my Mk. II apart and get the grime out, Ruger's gonna send someone around to take it away!

It is interesting that my ex, very much a paper-puncher, was religious about cleaning firearms; Tam and Shootin' Buddy, both highly-trained tactical-type gunnies, are firmly of the opinion that any gun reliable enough to carry only needs to be taken apart and scrubbed up a couple times a year, pointing out that inept and/or over-enthusiastic cleaning can result in more wear than just shooting. They're right, but I'm over the six-month mark on my .22 and it's getting balky. (I should point out that they don't carry dirty guns; for carry-caliber stuff, the rotation is from hip to range to cleaning + function check, followed by a return to the hip; and this is why you don't own just the one carry gun and why you keep 'em as alike as possible).

So, here I am, with a little housework to do, followed by the Indy BlogMeet -- 3:00 p.m. this afternoon at Broad Ripple Brew Pub!


Cliff Smith said...

When they get balky its time to clean them.Refire is that like re-fried as in beans, or something you do to pottery.

LabRat said...

When the body demands sleep, the wise give in. You made the better choice.

sam said...

You're supposed to clean Ruger .22LRs? Who knew? ;-)

WV: rings. Yes, my latest 10/22 could use them...

Justthisguy said...

Dammit, Ma'am, you've just inspired me to violate one of my personal rules; that is, don't handle the piece after I've had a couple!

[some time has elapsed here]

I've put it back in the locker, now. I had kept it in a storage locker with no AC, so I slathered it with oil. I just retrieved it recently to find no additional rust, but that the oil had congealed so badly that all of its parts were hard to move.

Break-Free helped, for everything but that little pin that comes out of the back of the cylinder and goes into the hole in the frame, what does Smith call it?

Liquid Wrench seems to have gotten it loose. I'll look at it again tomorrow, when I'll presumably be more safe with weapons.

Skip said...

Clean and oil every time.
Even if only one round went through it.
After 500 rounds, side plate off/ slide-frame/bolt-action, all gets an inspection clean and oil.
I know, weird but I like to know it wasen't me that didn't make it go bang.
Same with truck, work, sleep, and my family.
Keep everything happy.