Friday, July 30, 2010


Tam's looking up state mottoes and reading them out loud -- but not very loud:

TK: "Arkansas! Re- (inaudible) -nek Populus!"

RX: "'Redneck Populace?' Aw, c'mon!" (snickers) "That's just mean."

TK: "No, regnat populus. --'The people rule.'"

RX: "Whew!" (Spends next ten minutes occasionally muttering, "redneck populace?" to herself and giggling).

Arkansasians, my most sincere apologies; your motto truly is a lot better than "The Crossroads Of America." But please, never, ever drop elocution from the curricula of your schools.


Don said...

Illinois is the Land of Lincoln. Did you know Abraham Lincoln lived here?

Because . . . he did, you know. His home was located just south of the present location of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, which is down the street from the Abraham Lincoln Hotel. A little further down the street is the Abe Lincoln Insurance agency, and if you're from way out of town you can get a flight into the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

Because Lincoln used to live here, you know. We even use the Western Union phonetic alphabet here, and I've always wondered whether that's common in the midwest or just because they couldn't stand to use "Lima" when "Lincoln" is available.

karrde said...

Arkansas' motto is much shorter than Michigan's long Latin proclamation.

It's not even something noble, it's basically: "if you're looking for a nice peninsula, you've found it!"

We should have gone without a motto.

Sabra said...

Most state mottos suck. At least Virginia has Sic Semper Tyrannis (which I probably butchered the spelling of). Ours is merely "Friendship", though if we're going with single words, it really should be "Beer."

Barrett B. said...

"But please, never, ever drop elocution from the curricula of your schools."

Too late.

Walks off mumbling angrily to himself...

sam said...

Who's RK?

Roberta X said...

She's someone who types poorly.

sam said...

She's mighty cute, though ;D