Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Y'know what's good? A bacon & egg sandwich on toasted rye with a slice of Swiss cheese, plus half a nice Texas red grapefruit and a few Bing cherries, all washed down with fresh Chemex-brewed coffee, that's what's good.

--Bonus: and who's the Bing cherry named after? 19th-century orchard boss, Ah Bing, that's who, from back in 1875. His boss -- de whiiite debbil -- appears to have believed in credit where credit was due. Call up the newspapers! --Oh, wait, they won't believe you. (Congress was of a different mind at the time).


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Seems like bacon and egg on just about any kind of bread with almost any kind of cheese is gonna be a morning winner :)

Ed Rasimus said...

Good fresh Texas tomatoes are in the market this time of year--they work well on the B/E/C on rye. And, maybe a gossamer thin slice of Vidalia onion, yeah, I think I'm ready for breakfast!

BobG said...

Bison pattie and two fried eggs for me.

Anonymous said...

Somehow my bowl of Cheerios and cup of yogurt pales in comparison.

Oh, well, at least I won't go from something other than colon cancer.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

"Y'know what's good?"

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

BobG said...

If that's for breakfast, Tam, what do you do for lunch? ;)

Stranger said...

Bacon and eggs - skip the toast for mine. Thick sliced bacon, slowly fried until it is crisp, with cackleberries fried eyes open in bacon grease; served on a bed of still smoking cottage fries.

Two or three pots of coffee, the way Voltaire liked it. A square, actually a 2 CM cube, of dark chocolate, almost bitter.

And cherries. Caesar knew nothing so fine before the battle.

The lamentations for the slain and dividing the spoils come after the battle.