Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleverness Breeds Cleverness

And bad judgment breeds...? More damfool decisions.

Reverend Al Sharpton was in town Sunday, come to protest a whole string of lousy decisions by encouraging an audience of 2,000 to make even more. And across town, another dozen idiots -- in response to the precipitating incident and reactions, including inviting the Rev and probably even professional golfers -- protesting "all efforts to mix the races of mankind," 'cos idiots, much like hope* but with maleficent intent, spring eternal.

But let us turn our sights to the precipitating incident and the incident that precipitated it: little (not!) Brandon Johnson got roughed up -- but good -- by officers of the law. They didn't just see him readin' Bible verses on the street corner when the "Whale the tar outta some innocent citizen" light lit up, though. Young Mr. Johnson's brother was observed trying to kick his way into an abandoned building and somebody called the po-leece, who were (hey!) nearby and nabbed him for B&E (look it up, I'm on a schedule here). From this point on, the story gets muddled; there's a general agreement that Brandon took exception to the arrest and fisticuffs ensued, but who threw out the first punch and if any late hits were thrown is undecided. The end result was a 15-year-old with a prizefighter's facelift. Oh, and no charges for either sibling.

IMPD's leadership wasn't especially indecisive; the officer alleged to've done the most exuberant subduing has been recommended for termination and the one who made the initial decision to arrest rather than chase off got a stern letter stuck in her file. The rest (and 'twere several)? Umm, they had a nasty few days waiting to find out what would happen.

Bad judgment all 'round, starting with don't kick in doors, even of abandoned buildings and continuing on at the same general level of thoughtlessness right on through. So now we've got Rev. Sharpton, and we've got ijits with signs, and we've got ministers asking why the Mayor sends his LEOs out against these fine, upstanding young fellers but he won't have a nice, long meeting with "their leaders" (I'm quoting) -- 'cos we all know idle young door-kickers of any color look to their ministers for guidance and leadership.

...Speaking of which, where are the brothers Johnson now? Brandon's been paraded around (with some signs of reluctance) like a prize poodle; his sibling, not so much. What lesson d'ya suppose they're learning in all this? I suspect it won't be anything terribly useful.

But man, the grownups are havin' a helluva time. Um, I guess we've got to call them grownups. The bar seems to get lower every time I notice.

And it's all just in time for Indiana Black Expo! O Fates, thou setteth us up.
* As far as the ancient, pessimistic Greeks saw it, the last item out of that crate Pandora wasn't spozed to open was the worst of all; for hope makes you expect things can get better and they usually don't.


George said...

well, Roberta ... you seemed to have nailed the 'idjit' grownups right smartly.

It doesn't matter a whole bunch; we'll never be rid of them.


MO Bro said...

I agree with George. You seem to have a gift with putting things in perspective. If there are aliens out in space that observe us, things like this show why they want to just "observe" and not "get involved with" earthlings.

NYEMT said...

Sounds like Rev. Al hasn't changed his playbook much since his famous game in my neck of the woods.

In Tawana's case, it backfired a bit.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Even my wife (!) said Sharpton needs to shut up and go home.