Sunday, June 26, 2011


Why, yes: I've overslept again. And I'm proud of it. At least it's a feat I can accomplish consistently.

...It's a morning of aches and pains here at Roseholme, probably thanks to the damp. Yesterday was better but s...l...o...w.

However, I just aided in the coining of a word, which heralds an improving trend to the day, doesn't it?


greg said...

If you do it two days in a row, and it doesn't effect your ability to collect a pay check, is it really oversleeping, or it is just 'sleeping in'?

Either way, I'm sure you needed it...

Justthisguy said...

I wonder if the Powers That Be realize what they're in for when they go around annoying heavily-armed nerdy spinsters.

With cats.