Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Aten't Ded

...Just Wiki-wandering. Here, put 'em together:

-Simon Stevin (the Dutch as Ur-Atlanteans? Rilly? Otherwise superkewl and he could be right -- the celphone that doesn't do anything (except be a phone) is a Dutch development.)

- Stainless steel. (And Hoosier homeboy Elwood P. Haynes! "Success has a thousand fathers" and stainless steel is certainly a success.)

- Vernor Vinge (Dude, why's there a bent bobble in Chicago?)

- Impossible figures

- The MASER (Oooooo! Aaaahhhh!)

...And that leaves us (or me, anyway) stuck on the far side of Jump space, where Littlest Cat has been still-framed for two and a half days, investigating gravity aboard Spirit of Skiddoo in the first para. of yarn that I haven't even attempted to get chugging. Gravity-check is always the job of the Littlest Cat, you know; since most non-equipment surfaces are padded (those Bells bounce) and most small shipboard objects are mildly velcrotic, ship's cats get into the habit of hanging on...and gently batting at things to see if they'll fall (fun) or be set adrift (more fun!). I'm pretty sure the cat's real name is Sufficient Onion and it's in the ship's Engineer's bunkroom. If that helps.

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Ritchie said...

Rocket Baby has acquired the habit of nudging things off the nightstand, like the glasses case that keeps her from chewing on my spectacles, if I don't make with the cat food soon enough. Gravity works right away, the hu-man not so much.