Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You're Goin' To The Chapel, Gonna Get Married...

...But not in a lot of U. S. States if you happen to be gay first cousins: Sabra deconstructs a wrong graphic and substitutes her own with accurate data.

(Quick read: first cousins have an easier time of it, which I don't think will surprise anyone on any side of the debate. --I do wonder how that plays if cousins marry in a state where it is legal and then move to one where it isn't? Or is it like standing on the Hoosier side of the IN/IL border holding a gun: you're a felon if you take one step but better not to test it.)

A point most gunnies already know: when you're addressing hot-button issues, get the facts right. Your opponents will still argue what they mean (or that facts are irrelevant) but you've got the high ground.


Anonymous said...

Odd thing, I married my first cousin in CA and after 17 years we divorced. She decided she wanted to be a lesbian.

So I have been married to a gay first cousin.

Cincinnatus said...

There actually is USSCt case law on the full faith and credit issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we went back to AZ after a trip to get married in CA, moved back to AZ where based on that marriage I asserted that I could have lower in state tuition. Bureaucrat asserted that I should have gotten married in AZ. He was put out that I said that I could not have done that.

Yes, marriage is given full faith and credit across state lines, unless there is a reason not to. (think polygamous marriage, or under age).