Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lunch: Plans

Update: So I went. Couldn't get away until 1:40 but hey, they do the lunch thing from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.... Except the serving windows were closed! Undaunted, I tapped on the door and the owner-operator opened it. "All done?" I asked.
"Yep -- I ran out of food!"
"Busy, then?"
He gave me a rueful-but-happy look. "And how. Too much success, I guess--" He indicated the little courtyear area the truck was parked next to, where most of the sittable areas were occupied with people happily eating.

That's a pretty good review, right there. It's a brand-new venture and you have to figure things very closely with a food truck; I can hardly fault him for doing so better than expected. Told him I'd try again another day.

You can count on it. If he sticks close to this week's route, he's pretty close to the Skunk Works at least two days; maybe I can swap lunch times with another tech and show up earlier. Especially if I brought another lunch back!

Original Posting:
I don't know if I'll be able to but there's a new thing roaming about that I'd like to try tomorrow: ScratchTruck. It's a gourmet food van, or so they say. The menu looks...intriguing. (Watermelon-jalapeno lemonade? What?) There's at least one good review already.

(We've had West Coast Tacos roving Indy for a year now -- mmm-good).

The past, re-imagined! Can newstands and soda fountains be far behind? Reminds me of "Little Sandwich Wagon" (the Memphis Nighthawks, back before WW II). You can hear a snippet here but alas! --No lyrics.

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BGMiller said...

The hoighty-toighty blt sounds good....

And the concept appeals to me. I'm getting burnt-out feeding IT twerps two meals a day.

I wonder......
Could it be viable again?