Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Scratch Lunch

I found the ScratchTruck for lunch today. They had plenty food -- nearly a week of operation has helped them fine-tune how much to carry. "Modern mobile comfort food," their slogan sets the bar high--

[Drumroll, please]

--And they clear it easily! Quite a few items on the menu. (Click to embiggen.) I had the burger (good-tasting beef, flame-grilled, with Gorgonzola and bacon marmalade, on a nice Cibatta-esque bun), fries (skin on, twice-fried, excellent taste; not much salt and didn't need it) and their outstanding watermelon-jalapeno lemonade. The latter is refreshing and not at all hot; the peppers are only singing harmony.
Just a A few photos will follow. I was hungry, so I didn't snap many before digging in. Service was friendly and fast, especially for cooked-to-order food.

Scratch: food from a truck. First-rate food. Roberta X approved!


Jeffro said...

I've gotten some really kick arse Mexican food from some less than photogenic roach coaches. Plus, the menu is authentic - organ meat fillings for tacos and such. Doesn't bother a farm boy like me.

It's a gamble, but someone has to do it.

Noah D said...

And to fill in that blank spot on their website: how much was the bill?

Skip said...

Been eatin' offa roachcoaches for thirty years.
Some are killer, most not so much.
As a construction supe I would set up the project with the coach in in my plan and have them meet my schedule.
Some of the good ones would be there for breakfast at six for a sixthirty start.
Nuthin' like a OJ an' egg sammich afore ya start.

Roberta X said...

$10, Noah; cheaper to hit a drive-thru but in this case, you do get what you pay for.

My typical lunch tab at the luncheonette across from the Skunk Works is $7.50 to 10.00; they're okay but not in the same league as the food truck.

BGMiller said...

Epic WANT!


Noah D said...

That's better than I expected - the lack of up-front pricing on their website seemed odd. From what they're serving, it sounds right in line with what I'd expect to pay for a full order from a higher-end lunch place.

Ed Skinner said...

Chocolate espresso pudding???
Where's my calculator ... Ok, let's say I can eat 9 ... no, 15 bites of that and it's 2 bites for a buck and a half ... that's ... ... ... oh, hell, here's my wallet - just gimme the whole bucket. Now!

BGMiller said...

I now have four reasons to make a sing through Indy...

Mmmmmmmm.....Spicy Chicken Cone.....