Friday, June 03, 2011

Aggh! Morning!

Somehow still trading sibling text snipes consequent to my frustration last night -- is this trip really neccessary? I should'a knowed better but I had promised to make the offer. :(

Did find a kewl comic strip: Mythtickle. Hey, anyone who gets Ra, Set and Horus on the funny pages and draws the latter as a hulking, annoyed budgie is worth a look!


McVee said...

Cheech Wizard on the shelf!
Great find!

Nathan said...

Just text her, "FNORD".

Bob B. said...

The more time I spend around people, I realize how much more noble my Dogs are then the average human. You did the right thing, it has exploded in your face. Take comfort in trying to do the best you can. For times like these, i have a bag of well used golf balls. They go into the truck with one of my .22s and a brick of ammo. They get dropped at my feet and kicked, and shot repeatedly until they're far enough away that i can't hit them any longer. Time to start over. This always makes me smile.... then there is always ice cream.