Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rat Overboard!

Y'know, when a Democrat President loses the Washington Post...well.

Beseems the Post has found a wee bit of fudging in Mr. Obama's rousing speech on his administration's salvation of the auto industry -- and they're citin' facts and figures.

When your spin is so blatant even you own side can't bring itself to remain quiet about it, it might be time to give it up. Why, heck, even The Wiener managed to do that much after he was taken to task.

The President, though? He's convinced his phonily-rosy claims of having stiffened Detroit's "recovery" with a diamond-shaped blue pill of no-cost assistance are Just Fine.*

Facts: why face them when you can just give a nice-sounding speech instead? It's the D.C. way.
* I have this vision of U.S. auto industry execs receiving spammy e-mail from the Feds: "MAKE your business LAST and LAST! Quicker RECOVERY! Customers will faint from PLEASURE!" Etc. And, of course, 2/3 of them actually bought into it.


Retardo said...

It's not full Campaign Season yet. The Post won't be talking this way next year. They'd back Jeff Dahmer, if the GOP were the alternative.

And when they did, they'd be able to demonstrate their objectivity by pointing to an editorial they ran two years earlier, where they said that killing and eating your sexual partners was "considered almost as controversial as right-to-work laws by some conservative pundits".

Bubblehead Les. said...

17 months to the Election. I'm sure that the Lamestream Media will be totally on board the Bus by this time next year.

Or else.

Cincinnatus said...

I'm dying laughing here.

Quizikle said...

I recall Johnson deciding not to run for re-election after "losing Walter Cronkite".

Could we be so lucky?

On the other hand, the result was Nixon...but I don't see even a Nixon in the wings this time 'round. (and ol' Tricky's looking better and better - well, not so bad - all the time)

John B said...

Even the Neo Victorian can't resist a good Viagra joke.

PW:cating Actually that's catty!