Sunday, June 05, 2011

Eagle Creek Pistol Range Returns!

Got the word at the Indy 1500 Gun Show this afternoon. Grand (Re)Opening,* next weekend: Tactical Firearms Training is the new contractor; supposedly they have slightly better terms from the city on things like keeping the range available. Hours are definitely better -- 9 to 5 instead of 10 to 4!

This is a good sign. Tam and I plan to attend the Grand (Re)Opening -- see you there?

(There's a first-rate Indian restaurant not too far away that sets a fine buffet on Saturday. Anyone up for a BlogShoot + Lunch?)
* I suppose it is, indeed, a reopening; but as they've not been open yet this year and the place will be Under New Management....


The Jack said...

Excellent! (Though one hopes they honor past range tickets)

Count me in.

I live "not too far away" too and it was always irksome to drive past and see it closed these last few monghts.

Roberta X said...

10-visit passes will be honored; I don't know how the "season pass" version worked.

Rev. Paul said...

$25? Wow ... and I thought the local $9 fee was high. Just the same, I'm happy for you folks.

The Jack said...


A 10 is what I have that I bought a couple weeks before they closed...

But hey, now I can use all those slots left.

The Jack said...

Rev. Paul

the 10 pass was $75.

Which breaks down to a pretty reasonable value.

Not sure what they'll cost now.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Will Eagle Creek allow you and Tam to do mag dumps with my 410 Saiga? (I remember reading some strange range rules from some place up there.)

Oh and next blog meet I can bring a blog.

Roberta X said...

I was noticing! I have bookmarked it for the next blogroll update. Congratulations.

Eagle Creek used to be okay with shotguns. They were not so wild about super-rapid fire, but that (if I remember correctly) was a RO-judgement thing. I don't know what the new rules are on those two items.

Centerfire rifles are not allowed. A look at Google Maps shows why.

Nathan said...

Well, dig it.

Glad to see that they'll be offering NRA Basic Pistol. I need it to get a Florida non-resident permit.

And frankly, I'd feel better with a course under my belt. Dad and the Boy Scouts taught me how to shoot, but I've slept quite a bit since then.

Larry said...

Long drive for a day of shooting, and then there is that whole "gotta work on Sunday" thing.
Y'all have fun though!