Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 September

     It's become tradtional to write some noble, patriotic thing this day, making some reference to the murdered thousands in the World Trade Center and the heroic firemen, er, firepersons who went rushing in to help, in even greater danger than they knew.

     But you know, most of those folks (other than the police and fire personnel) didn't choose to be on the front lines.  It was a loss for OpFor:* the terrorists lost 100% of their forces in that attack.  Given the likely percentages of jumped-up goatherds, child soldiers and/or refugees capable of learning to hijack and fly an airliner vs. the total number of U.S. citizens working in buildings of targetable height, they run outta dead-on-impact jihadiots long before we run out of people and buildings -- and that's assuming no passenger on any plane notices they've been hijacked.  (Have you noticed what happens these days when an airplane passenger starts making hijacky noises?  Pile-on!)  And all of that is entirely without the tin-badge Stasis we've let the pols saddle us with.

     Don't let the losers scare you -- and don't let grandstanding politicians, exploiting the situation to grab more power, scare you even more. No matter what party they're with, they need the same treatment we're givin' hijackers these days, only even more so and starting at the recall petition and the ballot box.

     Bomb-hurling nitwits, domestic and imported, have long been with us.  They're not the boss of you -- and neither are elected and appointed .gov officials.

     The latter will wave flags and wax grandiose at you all day today.  Don't let 'em mesmerize you.  They still don't have a damn clue.
* RX: "Can I call terrists 'OpFor?'"
   Tam: [Busy writing about Teh Won & Syria] "Not any more."


fast richard said...

I didn't watch last night's speech. It sounds like the "war on terror" is officially over. Time for a re-assessment of threats to our liberties.

Joseph said...

Well said, though it has to be hot as hell in a wookie suit today in Indy.

JPD said...

Not to worry. Politicians will continue to manufacture "the sky is falling" events to stay in power, and amass lots of money. The low information sheep and parasites will continue to support them.

This POTUS happens to be particularly inept in the con game.

Anonymous said...

Never let a good disaster go to waste. We (well maybe not us here, but the country in general) asked the gov to "do something"