Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ow: The Price Of A Walk To Art In A Park?

     Also, "Ow."  I went to bed about 7:30 yesterday, let the TV make noise at me for maybe a half-hour more and then I was out, zonk!  Woke up at 11:30 and read for a couple of hours and then back asleep, right up until the various and sundry alarms at 0600.

     Y'see, it was supposed to be "cooler and less humid" yesterday, and thus Tam, the Data Viking and I walked a mile-plus to the "vintage and indie" flea market at Warmfest.*  It was kinda sticky and it just kept getting more so.

     The V&I flea was very nice, but the location was a bit ill-conceived: all manner of interesting goods, right up to a recycled-wood table that I swear was six feet by twelve, some massive art items, and the usual run of vintage and hand-made small items and clothing -- all in an unpaved, pedestrian-only space, accessed through narrow security gates.  (They were looking in purses, but not all that closely.  Further, deponent sayeth not.) On Sunday, vendor were helpfully pointing out that they do deliver -- and a few were quietly comparing the location to the market setups in the underused back parking lot of Glendale Mall, a mile or less away.

Photo credit: T. Keel, Keelophoto Ltd.
     Interesting things seen: a Coker 36" pennyfarthing, somewhat different design to my QUAX, and at National Moto+Cycle, a full 4' Rideable Bicycle Replicas version, solid tires and all:
     Do want!

     Interesting eats: Flank steak tacos -- Indian tacos, and I do mean the Subcontinent -- from Taco Lassi: beef, papaya, some interesting greenish sauce and red onion.  Yum!

     I picked up some odds and ends: t-shirtage, a nice old world map for my hamshack and some vintage office supplies.  Possibly just as well hauling anything lage/heavy home was out of the question, or I would have bought way too much.

     But it kept getting hotter and more humid and by the time we all returned to Roseholme, I was content to veg out in front of a movie.  (This one a kind of indie art-film SF serial.  I thought it was cute but when I said so, Data Viking asked if I was sure we'd seen the same movie, so perhaps my standards are serious askew.  You have to realize, I still enjoy the occasional Doc Savage pulp.)

     After DV departed, I didn't manage to stay awake for very long.  A tiring day, but a good one.
* Acronym waterboarded out of "White River Arts and Music Festival."  I was thinking when Tam first brought it up that it was named "Wormfest," after what anglers along the White River put on hooks.  But no.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, deponent...


Ygolonac said...

So, what was the movie? Other people of the pulp persuasion want to know!

(Captcha: "gnizWik" - cousin of Grignr?)

LCB said...

This humid, not humid weather cycle has been driving my head aches in to overdrive. Add my Ragweed allergies to that...and it has been a "great" August!!!

#1 symptom...being exhausted almost all of the time.

Glad you at least got out to enjoy the day...

Windy Wilson said...

Warmfest is "White River Arts and Music Festival" spelled sideways.
Sort of.
Out in my section of the country we have a lot of oriental ladies wearing what could be white surgeon's masks or some such, either out of fear of germs or from a desire to be on less intimate terms with pollen.

Old NFO said...

Meh, you want hot/humid come this way about 300 miles... 90's again today and humidity in the 80's... sigh

Roberta X said...

Um, that's okay -- the sticky-icky weather broke here Monday overnight, and we've a few days of nice to enjoy.