Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Self-Defense Or Not? News Update

     I can't find the links, but the self-defense shooter at the Black Diamond nightclub who stopped a slasher won't face criminal charges.  Meanwhile, the young man who shot three opponents and a bystander in Broad Ripple will be going to court.

     Both appear to be in line with the facts: the Black Diamond situation was relatively straightforward, while events in the Broad Ripple incident were unclear.

     Please note that both shooter spent time in jail while the evidence and witness reports were sorted out.  If you want an uncomplicated life, do your best to avoid sticky situations.  Being prepared for self-defense is like keeping a fire extinguisher in the kitchen: the ideal situation is to have it and never get into the position of needing it.


Dave H said...

Agreed. Cleaning up after deploying a fire extinguisher is a pain (especially the dry chemical type), but it's better than cleaning up after a fire. Better to not have to clean up after either one.

Joe Allen said...

Guns and fire extinguishers; if you have to use either one at home, chances are you won't be sleeping in your own bed for a night or two at the very least.