Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Yard Shooter

     Spree shooter at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard?  How damnably convenient for the antis.

     Given the recent revelations about NSA (et al)  and their program of domestic snoopery, I really do wonder if they haven't got a nutjob farley-file and when prompted, the pull the pin on one.

     Implausible?  How many of you (not me! not for years*) said the same thing about the deep complicity of telcos in domestic spying?  -Of ISPs?  Of Google?  ("Don't be evil!"  Heh heh heh, shaddup.)

     It's possible -- even likely -- that the domestic intel wonks have been not farming but hunting/gathering useful crazies for years.  And using them, too.  C'mon, if you'll give LSD to unsuspecting fellow-citizens, you'll play chess with humans in other ways, too.

     (ETA: Semi-relatedly, Tam points out he went into his idiot blitz armed with a single weapon: "He listened to Joe Biden and bought a shotgun."  See?  They really do receive orders from Teh Gummint!  Also, how safe is your high-end skeet gun from the ever-reaching regulators now, d'you suppose?)
* Once you've learned even a little bit about how phone CO hardware worked for things like "metered service" -- it's even more trackable now -- you realize that a) the BS in TV shows about "tracking calls," how long it took and how difficult it was, was just BS and b) the telcos were in bed with the feds, starkers, and had been for a long time -- and they liked it there, so sticky-warm and snuggly-close to the roots of power.  But day-um, I really did harbor old hippie illusions about Google and the mom & pop ISPs, more fool me.


Alan said...

Big public companies will always snuggle up to the feds.

All the better to limit competition.

Bob said...


Except we're doing it to ourselves, instead of the Soviets doing it to us.

Stranger said...

A mass murder, a political assassination, or some other outrage does seem to occur every time the anti's are getting ready to launch a gun control campaign - or have one in progress that is close to sinking. Statistically, what we see is extremely unlikely; a few hundreds of thousands to one.
Making some sort of malign influence probable.

But a Farley file would not be necessary. Just a few dedicated gun control nuts willing to blow in a predisposed person's ear.


rickn8or said...

"* Once you've learned even a little bit about how phone CO hardware worked... and the telcos were in bed with the feds, starkers, and had been for a long time..."

And the best part is... the subscribers pay a fee to make it all happen!

Went to sleep in America, woke up in North Korea.

LCB said...

Every IT person I work with has known for years that everything on the net (phones,PC's,tablets, your cable and/or dish connections) realized that recorded somewhere. Does a lot of it get purged? You want to take that risk in the era of $100 Tetrabyte consumer drives.

The only hope any of us has is to not to "stick out"...cause they can find someone on all of us...or just make it up. :-)

The old say "One on the net, always on the net" goes for everything...sad to say.

LCB said...

Grrr...I hate typing on this laptop:

"something" not "someone"

"Once"...not "one"...

Divemedic said...

The funny thing is that it sounds like the plot from a novel: Government invents a microwave projection machine that causes person to hear voices. The voices eventually drive the person mad, and is then instructed to kill.