Friday, September 06, 2013

Unicycle Madness!

     I know, I know -- let's ride our unicycles 'round and 'round a 3 km dirt/grass track through the woods -- whoever makes the most laps in two hours wins!

     Sounds crazy?  H'mm. Then I guess you don't have a unicycle.  QU-AX has video from the Waldmeisterschaft 2012, and no few of the riders are barely grade-school age (I suspect in riding a unicycle, it helps if you tend to bounce more than splat when you fall).  It looks kinda fun.

     ETA: They're playing unicycle football here in the States -- well, LA -- now!

     (I was at QU-AX's site grabbing an image for comparison in a post at Retrotechnologist).


greg said...

Yesterday I was watching ESPN, and they showed a clip from a unicycle football league. Seemed to me that there might be a lot easier ways to end up with a broken arm.

Roberta X said...

But are there more fun ways to get a broken arm?

Heck, if a broken arm was all you wanted, I know people who will do that for free, or at least for a nominal honorarium.

Anonymous said...

Why does it look like everybody is hurrying to find a place to pee?

Roberta X said...

Because balancing atop a single wheel is a lot like balancing atop a full bladder? ...And either way, there's a lot to lose if you slip.

Anonymous said...

I taught myself to ride a unicycle in my late 40s. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although I came off the thing a gazillion times, actually falling was rare. Most of the time you land on your feet while the uni crashes to the ground behind you.

Of course, that was on relatively smooth surfaces. Off-road uni has a lot more potential for carnage.

Look up "Kris Holm" for more offroad uni expertise/insanity.