Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fast-breaker

     I am, apropos of having to work six days (or getting to; they do pay me overtime, after all), sitting down to very nearly a Full Roseholme Brekky: a hand-cut* filet garnished with a ring sliced from a little hot, pickled pepper, a strip of bacon, fried egg, three sliced cherry tomatoes, toast, juice of choice (cranberry and V-8 for me, but serially, not mixed!) and coffee.

     It's a mood-lifter par excellence.  They can keep their polynonsensesyllabium with all the side effects ("May cause an uncontrollable urge to climb clock towers while armed..."  "If you wake up more than twice in a cheap motel with an unconscious Fuller Brush man on a mattress piled with empty corn syrup bottles, see your doctor promptly..." "Warning: Will wax whimsical!  Also, alliteration alert.").  The occasional old-fashioned breakfast cheers one up at least as well and in a much more benign manner.
* See, we start with a largeish filet mignon and slice it a bit offset.  Cook it the same way -- one centered, one at the edge of the skillet -- and the twain come out one very rare and one medium/medium rare.  The bright-red pepper is too hot for me unless I cut it in tiny, tiny bits, one for each forkful of steak,  Yum!

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Anticipate also assonance.