Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's A Win-Win In Colorado!

     Yes, John Morse and Angela Giron will be seeking other work, and were sent down by substantial margins.

     ...Funny, supporters of the rejected incumbents aren't talking about "democracy;" they're whining about vote-stealing and intimidation.*  At least one of incumbents had the mother-wit to recognize the handwriting on the voting-booth wall: John "all your gun belong to us" Morse tearfully admitted, "The highest rank in a democracy is citizen, not senate president," and HuffPo had the grace (or what passes for it) to stuff the sentiment right below their lede paragraph.

     We won.  The antis lost.
* This has become traditional for the election-losing side in American politics, in much the same way that a soccer player who is brushed against by an opposing player is required to fall to the ground, teeth clenched, clutching at the area that was touched.  Just as in soccer, this makes identifying actual problems a lot more difficult and undermines any real concerns.  Good job, morons.

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Ritchie said...

"whining about vote-stealing and intimidation."

Projection-the proglies can't understand how anyone could overcome their innovative election techniques. The hail is mostly gone, and we're on lookout for rains of frogs and mice. Fortunately, trout eat those if they get the chance. Being the day that it is, I'm going to the range.