Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Response To A Gun-Control Idiot

     You only need to change the object of his loathing:

     "I care about what is right and about those who are left behind."

"While I don't believe eliminating books from our society is the answer, I do believe book ownership and publishing rules have to be tightened and any criminal record or issues of mental illness or incitement to violence should exclude a person from access to either. Strict rules as to how books are stored and how people gain access to them should be part of the overall strategy. A national database pertaining to book and printing press ownership would greatly assist federal and state authorities to monitor and deal with potential problems. "

"The easily-influenced will always gain access to books no matter how strict book control may be, so the populace should have a right to literacy. Citizens have a right to read and even to publish but it is a right that comes with heavy responsibilities."

Still sound reasonable?


Tango Juliet said...

Good analogy. I like to substitute alcohol myself.

Alcohol use and abuse is involved in FAR more deaths every year in the US than are guns but there's hardly a squawk about booze when a drunk driver kills. And if there is, it results in a campaign to stiffen penalties for drunk driving, not to make alcohol more difficult to purchase, etc, etc.

It isn't really about enhanced public safety with the anti-gun crowd. It really isn't.

They don't like guns. Therefore, YOU shouldn't have them.

No more complicated than that.

Divemedic said...

I just heard a Fox news reporterette say, "this man had been arrested twice, and we need a law that prohibits people who have been arrested from buying guns."

rickn8or said...

Divemedic, Fox news seems to think "arrested" = "convicted."

Robert Fowler said...

Maybe the reporterette should learn the difference between arrested and convicted. That whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

Dave in Indiana said...

Well, it turns out Piers Morgan was right. One of the victims in the naval yard shooting spree was killed by an AR-15... the shooter.

So there's that, I guess.

Drang said...

@Divemedic, out of curiosity, was that a local Fox affiliate or the Fox News Channel?
Won't change the foolishness of the statement, of course, but if it's national, it's easier to deal with.

joe in reno said...

You exactly reproduced Joe Hoffman's "Jew in the Attic Test". Guaranteed to reveal bigotry.


Eainsdad said...

I find that if you put computers or cellphones as the target of the purported ban "for the children" this makes the point a little bit better. A lot of these wienies don't drink and don't own guns, but obviously they have cellphones and/or computers. The books thing is probably just way over their heads in this day and age. Honestly I love books and I have over five thousand on shelves all over my house (my kids counted last summer) but this is not as popular as it should be anymore,