Sunday, September 15, 2013

Toe-Ow, Toe-Ow, Toe-Ow

     I have done something horrible to my right big toe.  It's not especially bent and the skin is unbroken, at least.

     Update: Swole up and purple as of Monday morning, despite the ice pack.  May have to go get this looked at. /Update

     Teva makes nice, minimalist sandals with nice tough soles and I wear them around the house rather than slippers.  I keep them way past sensible, though; hook & loop fasterners have a definite lifespan.

     So there I was, sandalled, in the basement, folding laundry, when I heard what I thought was the unmistakable squeeeeek of a door being carefully opened by a curious cat.  Hands full, I dashed towards the stairs and ran up them--

     And caught the flopping sole of my right sandal on the underside of the third step up, falling forward and jamming the big toe of that foor into the nose of the step.  I caught myself short of a full face-plant, barely, but the toe took a lot of force.

     'Cos I'm clever (and I was in the middle of finally hanging the ground mecca/grounding switch on the wall in my hamshack), I ignored it until my next trip up the stairs.  It's not liking the normal pushing-off job toes are supposed to do, not one bit.  The pain is right there at that important big-toe knuckle. So I'll be going to bed with a nice little ice pack.

     Ow, dammit.

     Oh, the "squeeeeek" turned out to be the door of the dryer.  The basement door was securely latched.  Ever since the family cat took a short, disconcerting ride in a dryer full of clothes when I was in fifth grade, I've been worried about cats and dryers.  He survived, but he was three days getting over the dizzies and he was never quite the same from then on.  (And no, I do not want to hear stories that turned out worse. Please.)


Mark/GreyLocke said...

My story is my cat who loved to sleep in the dryer. She would get out of it though as soon you came down stairs and transfer herself to the top of the dryer.

Roberta X said...

That's a clever cat!

The one that took a dryer ride was a medium-gray tomcat, almost the exact color of the drum in my Mom's 1949?-1952? Sears relic; she was either given the dryer as a wedding present or bought it early on, and she kept it through three or four moves. As far as I know, it was still working when my parents moved down here to Indy and left it behind in the house where I did most of my growing up.

Dave H said...

hook & loop fasterners have a definite lifespan.

Especially when they're close to the floor, in a house with cats.

Drang said...


This is why I don't wear open-toed sandals.

Ratbane liked to hop in the dryer if it was left open, but was contrasting enough to be chased out if we were going to use it.

Jennifer said...

Ouch! I haven't broken either of the big ones yet, but I've broken all the others. Some more than once. Get it looked at, but they can't do much for it other than tape it and tell you to take it easy.
Do the take it easy part and feel better soon.

LCB said...

Sounds like you have what the NFL calls "turf toe".

I used to think that was funny until I got a real bad case of gout in my toe...then I understood why the big burely he-men of the NFL took weeks to get over it.