Friday, September 06, 2013

A Failure In The Victim-Selection Process

     A local woman found herself looking down the barrel of a gun in her own driveway as she arrived home  Wednesday night.  Madcap hijinks ensued: "I do have a gun carry permit and I do carry a gun. I yanked over my passenger door and pulled it out and at that point, they scattered."

     Didn't even have to fire a shot.  Well done!

     Tam and I have been embarrassed to have the PR shill for "Moms Demand 'Action'" semi-local to us, up in the lily-white bedroom community of Zionsville.  This local mother shows the better side of Indy.

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Old Grouch said...

Decent coverage, except the headline bothered me:

"Indianapolis mom's quick thinking fends off carjackers"

No... it was "Indianapolis mom's" careful planning.

Getting a gun. Getting permitted. Carrying it.

Circumstances always favor the prepared.