Saturday, September 21, 2013


     I got there late, thanks to a ten-psi tire on my car, and a lot of the venders had sold most of their stuff and left for brunch.  But what was left included pretty highgrade stuff at the Greenfield Hamfest  -- for those in the know, I bought a UTC LS-33 transformer and passed up two LS-30s, as I couldn't afford to pay the seller what they're worth.  Plus I picked up a couple of huge carbon rods (spectrograph electrodes!) and this and that.  Best of all, broadcast engineering legend Charlie Sears was there, and we had a nice long chat.

     While in Greenfield, I stopped off at Highsmith Guns, which is every bit as nice as it looks on their website.  A selection of mostly-modern guns, adequate stocks of ammunition (they're struggling like everyone else to keep it in stock), plenty of archery supplies -- and a large, well-lit, sparkling-clean indoor range! (Outside, a sign points out overflow parking at the dentist's next door on weekends -- they have quite a few spaced but business was indeed just that busy when I stopped in.)

     Greenfield itself is a pretty town, mindful of its history (and native son James Whitcomb Riley*).  Downtown and the surrounding residential area is filled with well-maintained or restored 19th through early 20th-centrury buildings.

     A morning well spent!
* Go look him up and discover a poet who lived -- and self-promoted -- like a rock star!  (He did write the lyrics to Shortnin' Bread,† after all.) Heady times to be a lit'ry figure in Indiana, or even nearby.

† Which reminds me of whalesong, for reasons that will soon be made clear.  That piece is still as effective as the day it was produced. 

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I waved on my way past on I-70! :-)