Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Letters! We Get Letters...

D. W. Drang asks, in a comment to "Wall? Head. Rock, Paper, Scissors," a musing on the long slow and, one hopes, not overly tumultuous decline of Liberty followed by Western Civilization (still with me? Geesh, these hills aren't gettin' any shorter), the Cluemeter-wielder (I gave you a link, go see) asketh, "So, is the proximity of this to the link to the Letter From Cthulu significant...?"

H'mmm. Could be -- though let me admit right now, Cthulhu's dark advent would be a serious exception to my "not voting from the rooftops" policy. (Futile? Sure, but some outrages are not to be borne, period).

Nearly as outrageous and admitting of no such simple solution is our Congresscritter's increasing inability to comprehend their job description. Don't take my word for it -- even oldtime media pundits have noticed.

This November'll be a pretty big election. I find the range of Presidential choices unappetizing (and hope to blog more on the topic later) but there are a whole lot of other positions on the line. Most of 'em are people you can size up locally, ginks that have to get out and press the flesh and may even read their own mail and, unlike the President, they are in positions where they propose and enact legislation: L-A-W-S. These're the one that can really mess y'up if you mess up and let the ijits do all the electin'. They're not the caliber they once were but they could be even worse -- if you let 'em. Don't.

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staghounds said...

Whoever said it, "All politics are local". I have a nod-and name acquaintance with my Congressman, one Senator, both State reps, and County Commissioner. And I'm no one special.

It's not difficult, go to their functions and speak. In a campaign session, they will answer questions and talk to you about anything on your mind.

Of course, some of them ARE goofballs. Meeting them will help you figure out which ones. And sometimes goofballs win.