Monday, June 30, 2008

Bicycle = Magical

(It must be magic, it makes my old jeans fit again!)

No, really. Magical. I go riding in the evening and glide past and through sparkles and patches and clouds of fireflies, sometimes blinking in sync, big, fat, bright ones that float through the air at the approximate angle of the "little people" from a children's book. It's remarkable in the green twilight of sunset along the well-wooded trail. It's almost too pretty to believe in.

Another bit of "magic" is the effect riding regularly has on my metabolism. It is as if the exercise reminds my body what do do with caloric intake, stepping everything up, leaving me more energetic for having done some honest perspiring rather than tired. And maybe that's exactly what happens. All I know is, Sherlock Holmes had more fun than Mycroft.

(Update: Typo corrected thanks to commenter).


Anonymous said...

Yes, he did, Roberta!! I have kinda lost count how many times I have read "The Complete Sherlock Holmes". Too bad it's so short....

Anonymous said...

Definition of irony :

First you post this :


Then you post this :

"It's almost to pretty to believe in."

Roberta X said...

Arrrrrgh! I plead age and tiredness, while reminding the Court that a typo is fundamentally different to not knowin' what a word means.

And I'm changing it. Right now.

Anonymous said...

Made jeans fit? you were already wearing the smallest available size made for humans when I met you. Good lord woman, if you loose too much weight you'll be able to hide behind a patch cord. Fitness and flexibility are awesome- but let's not overdo it, ok? don't mess with the hotness.

Roberta X said...

Aw, Og! >blush<

Actually, the old 7-talls were becoming a little too tight.

Anonymous said...

A girl should be a little hippy. Especially when.... otherwise endowed. On the other hand? flexibility and muscle tone are nice.

SHit, now I'm gonna have to go take a cold shower. Living inside my head is just plain not right.

Bottomline: Ride the bike. And don't ride past the Ben and Jerry's store every time, stop in once in a while.

phlegmfatale said...

funny- you make exercise sound almost enjoyable!

Drang said...

"...don't ride past the Ben and Jerry's store every time, stop in once in a while."
No, no, no. Go ahead and ride past the commie-pinko Ben and Jerry's, stop at Cold Stone Creamery instead.
I have no idea whether CSC is any less commie-pinko, but what the heck?