Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Vote For Me

It'd look funny if I didn't mention it and the Para folks have been nothing but just plain nice to bloggers, but I mean it: Do. Not. Vote. For. Me.

Para's decided to send ten deserving gunbloggers (hey, we all deserve it!) chosen by your vote off to Summer Camp at Blackwater USA: a weekend of high-grade firearms training with no less than Todd Jarrett -- not to mention Michael Bane and crew for Downrange TV coverin' the action!

Sound like fun? It would be!

...It would be if I wasn't workin' about three out of every five weekends on average. It would be if I had the price of speedy transportation to Virginia to spare. I don't.

Go to the contest website, run down the list of gunblogs, and vote. You'll be registering for a chance at the #11 spot in the camp!

But not for me. Even free, it's too costly. >Sigh<


breda said...

Reverse psychology! Very sneaky strategy, Roberta!

Rob K said...

If I get that eleventh slot, you can ride down with me. :) You won't even have to buy gas or meals.

Rustmeister said...

Ah! Tricksy one, aren't you? Wants the preciouss all to itself, it does!

Anonymous said...

Why not vote for you, Roberta?? You are far more qualified for the position!!

Roberta X said...

Good point, Joseph.

"If nominated, I will whinge and complain; if elected, I shall hide under the bed."

Anonymous said...


At least we know you are intelligent, and not faking it behind a bunch of spin doctors. Besides, you are cool!

Anonymous said...


Tam-Sec. Defense
Breda-Sec. of State
Kim du Toit-Sec. of Education
Lawdog-Attorney Gen

Any others for this Cabinet?