Sunday, June 01, 2008


...A chocolate-covered blueberry sundae, that is, which is what I found in the car at the Art Museum this afternoon.

But as usual, I've gotten ahead of myself. With the basement more or less settled for the nonce, Tam was off to work the Indy 1500 Gun Show some more (this consists in part of sweet-talking nice gentlemen who have 'stonishingly pristine 19th Cent. rifles on display, plus sayin' Hi to throngs of adulators, all while helpin' at a friend's table). I scrambled for the shower soon after her departure, 'cos the Data Viking was hittin' town.

I was very nearly ready when he arrived and (him havin' some experience of wedlockery), he's well-content to chat with a gal while she's brushin' her hair and knows to retreat when I reach for the fixative that keeps my bangs from goin' entirely awry. DV is well, happy and reports the Frazier Arms Museum in Louisville well worth visiting. (I just tried to link to it and all I found was a watered-down "museum of history" with some sosh bilge on the homepage. Recent change of focus? Bad search params? I dunno).

After catching up, we headed off for the gun show ourselves, plannin' to haul Tam off for a bite to eat. (Er, that doesn't sound entirely correct. I assure you, cannibalism is way down in today's Royal Navy).

The show was -- well, it was an Indy 1500, and quite busy, especially for Day 3 of a warm-weather show. I picked up some munchables, havin' missed brekky (see para. one). We saw about half of it before findin' Tam, then off to Murphy's Steak Joi- Hey! They're closed of a Sunday. H'mmm, options...? Back up to Broad Ripple when I remembered Zest, one of the upscale breakfast/brunch places. It's got a great rep; I'd not been there before but they more than lived up to it, with fine omelets and quiche, good coffee and nice sides. My thanks to DV for the nice birthday brunch!

Back to the show (no extra cost for us, 1500 stamps your hand, but another parking fee at the Fairgrounds: they don't do pass-outs for cars), where we saw the other half of it and a few Tam-finds. (Needless Announcement Award when the PA came on with, "We remind everyone at the show there is no need for loaded guns at the show; the only people carrying loaded guns should be the on-duty officers at the show. A couple of the vendors at the West end seem to have loaded guns on their belts, blah blah blah..." Yeah, those sidearms are a-gonna just leap up, barkin', and fill the air with lead, all by themselves. Funny, we were at the West end and I saw no surge of IMPD or ATF guys to deal with the dire threat; you don't suppose they were not all that concerned... This is the same ghit who likes to warn us of the horror of Automatic Knives about every other show). Tam headed back to her helping-out and we headed just plain out.

Thence homeward but the day was yet young, so DV and I buzzed over to IMA and its extensive grounds and gardens. --I couldn't tell you if the museum was open but the flowers were in bloom. Saw a lot of tulip tree flowers, probably storm debris but never spotted the tree. The vertical range of the place is always a surprise; at one point we climbed about 75 feet up the stepped slope of the outdoor ampitheatre, up another 15 or 20 feet of stairs and onto a huge, empty plaza behind the museum! This overlooks a hidden storage area for large-scale sculpture to which I'll have to return with a camera; it looks like nothing so much as Things Found In H. P. Lovecraft's Back Yard After The Disturbing Occurrence.

Getting out of the car at IMA, I remembered the paper bag of munchies from the gun show: now a warm mush of blue chocolate with pasty berries in it. Well, I got to eat a lot of them earlier at the show.

Total haul for the day: a new purse, a new flashlight (daggone AAAA Streamlights are handy as can be but swole-up batteries kill them dead), another carry knife. H'mmm, no gun? Despite my extreme level of personal evil and fiendishfullness, didn't find anything that I liked, could afford, and that wasn't in need of much serious work. (Keep yer damn' Dremel off the Sistema, willya pleeeeeze?). Passed by a cute little Colt Mustang Pocketlight in fine shape; they just keep getting pricier. So it goes.


Turk Turon said...

Thanks for the excellent report.

Funny the things you find at gun shows. Last time, I bought a waterproof box for a blackberry and three boxes of white-tipped, strike-anywhere kitchen matches.

BobG said...

Half the gun shows resemble large garage sales these days. I think they sell more jerky than they do ammo.