Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beat The Odds

...And stayed mostly asleep until ten ayem. Ha-ha! (With a short break, eight-ish, to feed the cats and change their litter). Sure, this will be reflected in the day's hit total but if I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm on vacation this week. So I get at least one sleep-in.

On today's dance-card, hauling Tam by main force to the World War Memorial (pix to follow, with luck), doing some odd things to improve air-flow at Roseholme and starting to at least reassemble the desk upon which to set up my ham station. (That latter? WANT. Majorly). Plus one mission o'mercy for work.


Alan said...

I was struck by the size and number of war memorials in Indianapolis. You people sure take your memorializing seriously.

What hardware are you setting up for your station? I mostly use the 2 meter radio these days although I was heavy into television (NTSC) a few years ago.

Turk Turon said...

The Indy War Memorial Museum has a PRISTINE Sauer 38H on display, plus some Navy HF radio gear and a supercharged Allison V-12. Lots of Croix de Guerre on display, too, for some astounding feats of bravery.

Anonymous said...

You ever get the basement waterproofed, or is that in your future? I can offer some cost effective reccomendations, if you'd like.

Roberta X said...

Indy has more war memorials than any city in the US save Washington, D.C. Why? I dunno. We started with the Soldier and Sailors monument in the Circle and just went from there.

I have not seen the museum at the World War Memorial for many years -- and with the way my sinuses have been today, I may not see it today, either.

Ham station? I dunno. One of the HROs, either the 5 or the 7, plus whichever Ten-Tech xcvr is working. Then I need to get the Harvey-Wells Bandmaster or Johnson Ranger AM transmitter going. All HF; if it's over 30mc/s, I get paid for it. ;)

Basement waterproofing: the City is very, very busy redoing our sewer main (they have torn up and closed the street in front), I have rerouted the downspouts, and that leaves the three spots known to be "springs" when we get a huge lot of water. Despite heavy rains, we have had nothing like the flood again, nor has the sewer backed up.

Hunter said...

War memorials in Indianapolis...
also the National Headquarters of the American Legion.