Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yayy, Hooray!

I'm thinkin' of makin' a T-shirt, with


in some heavy block font and a 1911 (or, better still, Chief Lanier ya ditzy schmuckette[1], a .500-or-bigger-bore revolver) kind of watermarked into it. Whattaya think?

We need to remember -- as so very many have pointed out -- that Heller is not an endpoint but more like a ticket to ride and that there are still plenty of trains we've got to catch. Nevertheless, recognition of the Second Amendment as protecting an individual right (a pre-existing individual right, high-five t'th High Court majority) is the keystone in the bridge to tomorrow.

A point of which I've not seen mention: The United States just got uniquer[2]. We were already just about alone in the world with respect to firearms; and now we're the only nation I know of where previous restrictions of the inalienable, inherent right to self-defense and the keeping of arms have been rolled back.

Think of it for just a moment: your shooting hobby -- let alone carrying for self-defense -- would be nearly impossible in most of the "First World" countries save Switzerland, utterly impossible in a few; and hardly easier in the next tier of nations. Nope, the States are just about alone in this wonderful idea that you have a right to defend yourself against aggression using the most effective means the human mind and hand has yet produced. Here, even The Fed'ral Gummit has admitted your life has value and you've a right to the best tools to protect it. Everywhere else, well, y'might be dog food. The baddie you stop in Britain may get you haled up on criminal charges for preserving your own life in your own home.

Other countries have many positive attributes but on the whole? I like it here. I like a place that doesn't prevent me stopping rapists and strongarm robbers right at the source.

Hey, Michelle O? I have never been prouder of the United States of America than I am today. Put that in your pie and smoke slice[3] it.
1. Ew. Ghastly.
2. Yes! Not a word and not even a logical notion. Work with me here?
3. Thanks, Tam! It is the better word.


John A said...

The MSM prints 5-4. But look again. ALL NINE wrote that the 2nd described an individual, not collective, right.

The split was largely about whether SCOTUS should overturn the ban itself or send it back to lower court after saying the right existed all along.

Anonymous said...

I heard mayor Daley on the raidio to me he sounded like a spoiled child not getting his way. The DC poice cheif souned very disapointed at having to register more guns. How long will these elitists follow the law or find a way to circumvent the constitution?

Anonymous said...

Roberta, I agree with the idea that it's great we live in a country where we can actually (gasp-legally) protect ourselves from bad guys. All I have to do is read the news about violence in Africa/Serbia etc. for me to be glad I can own self-defense weapons. (Yeah, I know, in those places it is more or less govt. sanctioned violence...kind of hard to work here, with 80 million gun owners)

Anonymous said...

Just read a story on Yahoo that quoted a couple of women that has lost children to gun violence. Hello, people, wake up: Your kids were killed by other people who were breaking the law. They likely had their guns illegally in the first place. Your losses are terrible, and I wish they had not happened. However, outlawing LEGAL gun ownership is NOT going to stop criminals from killing innocent persons, but it will make said innocent persons unable to defend themselves.

Carteach said...

Good points Roberta!

Yes.... this is a special place on this planet. For all that's wrong with it, there is as much right, and it just got a bit righterer.

See... I can makes ups new words too!

To celebrate, I'm going to the range this morning!

Bob G. said...

Well said, Rberta.

Next stop...Open carry???

(yeah, it still is free to DREAM)



Anonymous said...

Roberta: One small trivial point: Switzerland is a good gun country for ITS CITIZENS, but if you're not a citizen it don't count. And unless you're a billionaire, forget trying to gain Swiss citizenship, so the Heller decision reaffirmed the USA is absolutely the very best country to live in ----- Period. (That is if you LOVE Freedom.)

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Drang said...

Speaking of things that make America unique, I've been pondering blogging this NY Times article, from the "American Exception" series:
"Unlike Others, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend in Speech"... (Sorry my link-fu is weak today, and I can't seem to make it hot.)
Alas, some academics seem to feel that we go too far there, too.
What a shock...