Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get Uuuuup!

"If you don't have a post up by nine, it cuts into your hit total for that day." Even sung happily at the door of my room, there's no good awakening response to that.

Except, mayhap, "I don't blog for a living."

On the other hand, I did toddle off to dreamland eight hours ago and that was after a nap. >blush< So here I am, with Slinky The Perpetually Half-Grown Cat on my lap, posting something. I wonder if there's coffee?


Anonymous said...

FWIW, I always try to have posts ready BEFORE I go to bed.


breda said...

crud, here it is 10AM and I haven't blogged yet today. Oh well.

(p.s I have a half grown cat too! She is quite teeny weeny and the boss of the large human male who lives with her.)

George said...

I don't have half-grown cats ... although the female is half the size of her brother. BTW ... their names are Emmy and Lou. I wonder if I should get a third ... but what would I name it?


Alan said...

Morning people.

Always ruining it for everyone else.

BTW Roberta, I think you can add cats to the gun blogger profile. Seems to be a common element.

Roberta X said...

The Slinker is 19, and still between half and two-thirds the size (and appearance) of an adult cat. She's a charming and quite fey cat; if there were any of the Sidhe around, she'd see them.

breda said...

Here's our 4 year old, 6-lb cat named, as is only appropriate, Fae.

Drang said...

Maybe that's my problem, I'm usually at work well before 0900 and not home until 1500 +/-.

OTOH, I do have cats, including one who still looks half grown, merely because all th weight he has put on since moving in has made longer and taller, but he still looks starved.

Will have write a cat post one of these days.

Word: hhlapk, appropriate, sounds like a furball coming up...

Comrade Misfit said...

Um, you do know that if you select "post options" that you can write a post in advance and it becomes published at the time you selected?

So write something, set it to be posted at 8AM the next day, go to bed and sleep in. It'll be fine.