Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teh Irony, I Can Has It?

Dateline: America, outside the borders of reason (courtesy Uncle):
[...W]hy isn't it legal to stop people walking down the street to see if they have a gun? I'm sick of reading in the newspaper day after day about the gun violence and everyone is up in arms about stopping it.
Some figure of speech, Mr. Po-lice State! I laughed 'til I wept ("Gun Culture? You're soaked in it!" Dude, ask a fish about water!) -- but the tears were real:
What is really being done -- a few protests where everyone is saying they want them off the streets, yet it's their families out there with them shooting up the streets like it's the Wild West."

Let's get real. Start stopping people and let's find out who is carrying guns and get them off our streets.



Duh, gee, Mark, d'y'know just what portion of those eeeevil guns folks are carryin' are doin' any "shootin' up the streets?" Less than one percent. And Mark? Some of your fellow New York subjects citizens er, residents are legally carrying guns right now. And in the more-civilized States? Quite a few are. An' they are not mowing down passers-by over harsh looks. Wooooooah!
Something like 99% of all men are equipped to be flashers. Yet amazingly, possession of the means of flashing does not translate into so doing. Why would carrying guns (rather louder and therefore noticeable well past line-of-sight) be any different?



Anonymous said...

I want to see (well, not literally) the intersection of those who carry without shooting everything up *and* are flashers. I mean, how do you find a holster for something like that?

Billll said...

"Let's get real. Start stopping people and let's find out who is carrying guns (edit to add: or other contraband) and get them off our streets."

NOW what do you think of this idea, bub?

Anonymous said...

What's he gonna mark our ass with?

Anonymous said...

Ben Franklin said something about those willing to give up freedom for security deseve neither, but he was just some old fool from a long time ago wasn't he?

Turk Turon said...

"Muzzle flash".