Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fath--

This my second Father's Day without my Dad. His last several years, the lights had been dimming for him but the past was still in focus. Just the other day, I was thinking about the "streamlined church" (like something from the '39/40 NYC World's Fair, only better) somewhere here in Indiana, I can never remember where, and thought, "I'll have to ask Dad." Only I can't. There's still a big old Dad-shaped hole where he was.

Looking at the nifty Allstate scooter yesterday, the salesman said, "That's the machine that ended it for Cushman," and I was reminded Dad had had one (threw a rod one day while he was riding along, an experience he didn't recommend).

I'm not especially close to my family. I'm a pretty difficult person generally and my job often results in inflexible, odd hours on three-day's notice at best. Out of a good half-dozen weddings for my siblings, nieces and nephews, I've managed to attend one (1).

It doesn't keep me from missing them.

Sometime today, I'll stop by the tiny cemetery that holds the family plot, at least three generations, probably not yet mowed by the greasy little weasel that inherited the place. I'll spend a little time with my Dad. There aren't any more answers or anecdotes but that place -- well within his roaming grounds growing up, well within many of his stories -- is Dad's last little spot on this earth.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put.

I remember the "Streamlined church" but not from where.

I have my own memories of dad's last years, and I can still feel them. Today it's too hard for me to discuss because of other issues.. but thanks for the nice words, made my day better.

George said...

Hi Roberta;

A very nice tribute to your Dad. This is a good day to think of the past and even if not all things were great with him, hopefully there's something we can tune into.

Take care today.


breda said...

I'm sorry, Roberta. 2 years is as hard as yesterday.

Anonymous said...

My dad has been gone about 3 years...he had a small stroke about 5 years before he died, changed quite a bit and we became more distant (he lived in another state) but we reconciled before he did. I still miss him; sometimes I get the urge to pick up the phone and ask for advice and it is still hard to realize that I can't anymore.

Anonymous said...

A little over one year I lost mine, we never had any major difficulties even through the teen years but it is hard to rattle one who was in the New Guinie campane Pilipines, Luzon, occupation of Japan. He loved his one wife for fifty years morned her loss for five died surrouded by children and grand children and great grand children. No fear of death took life as it came. I miss him he was blessed.

staghounds said...

My father died when I was a child, more than thirty years ago. I don't miss him, but I do wonder how my life would have been different with him.

And at least twice a year, some stranger who hears my name tells me what a wonderful man Father was.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm sorry you had to be missing your pop this father's day and last, Roberta.