Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Planes, Trains And, Well, No

Not those, but once I was home from work, I hopped on my bicycle for a quick run to the market (about a two-mile round trip), left Tam with dinner fixin's and took the scooter to gas it up. (I'd've ridden the scooter to work Monday but I was ferrying stardrive parts back to the Nerve Center).

Quite a contrast between the two -- my bicycle is almost the tallest vehicle I own and has the largest-diameter wheels by a long margin, while the scooter buzzes along on 10" tires. But both of them are like flying.

...The bicycle is even more like a pair of seven-league boots. Friday, Tam and I headed to downtown Broadripple, me on my bike and her afoot. I rode all the way up, did the errands I needed to do, rode back and met her, rode back up, shopped a bit, and glided back home with a few side-trips and still arrived ahead of her. Tam's comment? "I've got to get myself a bicycle!" Darn right!

I love my scooter and have been riding it to work every day that wasn't stormy. Still, there's something magical about a bicycle.

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karrde said...

Well, between my decade-old bicycle and the almost-as-old-as-I-am Yamaha 400...

I like things with two wheels.

The bicycle got better when I got one of those digital speedometer things. I realized that I could, with practice and proper use of gears, break 20 miles per hour.

It's fun to take on certain trips, as long as there is a good pedestrian path (or residential-streets-only path) between the two points.

The Yamaha makes it more fun to do within-20-miles driving around town. (How much would you pay for 4-wheeled vehicle that does 35 to 40 miles per gallon in the city? I paid less than $1000 for my two-wheeled vehicle with similar mileage.)

The Yamaha isn't a cruiser, so it may not be the best highway vehicle...but I'll get around to testing that sometime soon.