Monday, June 09, 2008

Bing-Bong, Cthulhu Calling!

I knew there was a reason I'd not put a "Why vote for the lesser evil?" sigil on my blog but the precise nature of that reason was no more than a dire and formless foreboding until today.

The rest of yez, looks like you'll be havin' to write "I will not meddle with the Elder Gods" on the blackboard 776,005 times. In your own blood. Eh, well, it's a-living....



Rob K said...

I think we just need to work harder to convince him that he's the right, um, man for the job, and he has no choice but to awaken and, run for the presidency! Only Cthulu has the power to bring real change, not only to America but to the whole world!

Draft Cthulu for President!
Cthulu, a force for real change!

Roberta X said...

It would be that -- one way or 'tother. We'd be missin' King Log and plenty, in no time flat!

Unknown said...

Bing ! Beauty !!

Embrace the Inevitable.

I'm so totally there, the more I hear and read.

None of our own "homegrown" representatives represents, so lets get an Elder God to set us Really, Really Straight (what was that word, um... "decimated").

Works for me (just now).


Kev (Skrod)