Saturday, May 31, 2008

Overheard At Roseholme, Again

...Tam and I are, in light of recent events, talkin' about semi-gross trivia; I mention, "The ancient Egyptians used cro-"

Now, the word I had in mind was "crocodile" and the precise substance and usage you would not believe; but Tam, perhaps havin' seen too much and too great a cross-section of humanity in her most recent trip to the beer store, interrupted:

R: "The ancient Egyptians used cro-"
T: "-crotch crickets?"
R: "-for pets!" (giggling)
T: "No, for money. That Achmed, he's really loaded-"(snickering)
R: "-just lookit him itch!" Hey, that's where we get the slang for money, y'know, broke: 'Haven't got the scratch...'"
Peals of helpless laughter. We are soooo mature.


Jayson said...

me and my firend came up with the GezzerTracker yesterday. I don't care if it's mature. It rocks. =)

Bonnie said...

I would never in a million years use crocodile poo as a contraceptive. EVER.

Roberta X said...

See, Squeaky, that's why you're kewl!

Jayson: GeezerTracker? "Where's Grampa now?"

breda said...

I'm totally convinced that the internet was invented just to bring the two of you together =)

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to believe you two in the same house have exceeded the critical mass of silly. :)

Word Verification: axfdde - how they pronounce "Oxford" in "Bawstun" ;)

BobG said...

"I would never in a million years use crocodile poo as a contraceptive. EVER."

I imagine it would be quite effective; smear a bit on yourself and you'd never get laid...

Bonnie said...

BobG - But then you'd have the benefit with none of the fun. :-(