Friday, May 23, 2008

Said What?

Senator Clinton, what have you said? Followed up with a quick I-was-misunderstood apology just as soon as the video hit the 'net, natch.

What is it about the Democrat candidates and thinly-veiled threats? Goodness, they sound so, well, violent.

For the record:
"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?" Clinton said. "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

I'm trying to work out how that statement differs from the hoodlum who sneers to a small business owner, "You've got a nice little newstand here, Pops. Be a shame if the same thing what happened to the old newstand on this corner happened ta you, wouldn't it? It's be a shame if anything happened ta you."

I've coined a new word: "Murisocracy:" government by rats.


Chuck Pergiel said...

This is why I am glad I'm not in politics. "You say shit happens", and all of a sudden you are being accused of being gangster. Criminently people, shit does happen. Look what happened to what's his name, that Kennedy dude. He was going great and then some wacko wacked him. Wutch ya gonna do? Maybe it's all in the tone of voice, or your reputation, or in the ears of the beholder. Personally I think assassination is used a lot more frequently than you might expect, though not so much in politics, at least not in the US. The campaigns spend too much money. You kill one of the candidates, and TV ad revenues are going to plummet. That's not good business.

breda said...

rats are very nice creatures, actually. Very clean and intelligent.

Roberta X said...

Okay, I give up!

It was so much simpler in the old days -- Brother John Birch was right, the Democrats were Left, the Commies were gonna nuke us if we didn't watch out and Garner Ted was on the UHF station every weekend.

The ratlab rats (in my weak attempt at college) were mostly okay but there were a few who were biters. --Y'know, octopodes are nice, too, at least as clever as rats. I'm just sayin'.

Charles: Vince. Foster. Tragedies happen; sometimes they just happen, sometimes they get help. Who can say which is which?

But -- as they used to say of poor old Dan Quayle -- somebody in or aimin' for high office, they should have a bit more finesse.

Anonymous said...


Rob K said...

Hokey Smokes! Did you watch Garner Ted? He kicked off not too long ago. If only he could have kept his hands too himself...

Anonymous said...

I thought she would pull a Vince Foster earlyer to late now it would be too obvious

Carteach said...

The woman has an amazing ability to attract dead bodies into her circle of acquaintances.

This turn is not a turn, and no real surprise.

I think Barrak Husein Obama would have a right to be nervous.
Maybe not the intelligence, but at least the right.

Anonymous said...

I like rats, too. I generally have a soft spot for most "vermin", which generally earn the title for being too clever and flexible for humans to easily thwart. (As opposed to creatures like giant pandas that we can pester into extinction without even trying, which are big, cataclysmically stupid, adorable evolutionary dead ends.)

However, I find their intelligence, omnivory, adaptability, and social practices makes them too good a comparison to humans to pass up.