Monday, May 05, 2008

Suddenly, We're Uniquely Special, Just Like Everyone Else

I awoke to the TV, with a reporter solemnly intoning that, "With only one day to go, Senators Clinton and Obama are making a renewed effort to court the middle class."

Um, hello? Let's look at this objectively, shall we? Winning elections is all about numbers; you get bigger numbers of votes then your opponent(s), you win. Population demographics is all about numbers too, and household income vs. percentage of the population is a good fit to a bell curve. QED: the greatest number of voters are middle class.

If a candidate spends most of his or her time schmoozin' the wealthy for donations an' preachin' smug class hatred to the (supposedly) downtrodden, I spose it would be easy to lose sight of that simple fact; but gosh, Wally, surely the Dem frontrunners wouldn't do that....

Except, y'know, when they are.

Tam just mentioned the last commercial break had three (out of four) commercials for one or the other. That would explain why the coffee machines are now free at the Big Media Outfit where I work. If this keeps up, we might just get new carpeting, too. Qui Bono? Now you know!


Comrade Misfit said...

I feel your pain. I made a point of VCRing everything I wanted to watch before SuperDuperTuesday, just to avoid all of "vote for me/the other candidates all suck/the world will end if you vote for this guy" commercials.

Bleah. I've stopped watching the TV news, too. Call me when this is over.

Oh, right, the next round of candidates will start visiting Iowa and New Hampster beginning in January, `09. It never ends.

They cannot develop interstellar space travel soon enough...

Rob K said...

Thankfully this will all be over tomorrow, and we get on to important things, like covering the 500.