Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hint To The Media

Look, if you have some super-duper investigative report and you are teasing viewers with your promise to reveal the grisly details "Tonight at eleven," do not put enough information in the promotional ads that any ten-year-old child can plug the key phrases into Google and scoop you.

It makes us all look bad.

Well, except for those of us who also have blogs. We get to look smug.


Anonymous said...

Was that the super-duper dangerous stuff at the carwash?

Roberta X said...

For professional reasons, I cannot be more specific than I have aleady been.

There are, however, plenty of examples of this sort of self-defeating hype; stations and networks would be better off sharing more (or less) in their promos, promising their skilled Professinal Journalists are gonna make sense of it all...and then delivering on the promise. A few do already but they're few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Professional reasons?! They can't mess with you for saying too much. You'll let the anti-matter out of their main stardrive! :)

Main reason I hate all the teasing is because I never see the 11:00 news.