Friday, May 23, 2008

The "Running Dogs" Are Back

When I read this this review aloud, Tam chortled "I never thought I'd hear that phrase again," but there it was: the Commies in Russia are callin' Indiana Jones and his female opposite number "running dogs." (Now I have got to see the film!)

Is that Soviet nostalgia I smell or just warmed over bull by-product?

(In other news, Comrade Congressbeing Maxine Waters is bringin' the Redness home. Awww. It's so cute, except it's actually kind of scary. Tam has better commentary).


Chuck Pergiel said...

"Imperialist running dogs" is one of my favorite phrases, right up the there "commie pinkos". I tried to watch the video, but I lost interest after about 15 seconds. Sorry, short attention span.

Anonymous said...

Maxine said exactly what she ment. I believe its called a Freudian slip.