Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mystery Gun

...Or not.

Everyone encounters different items in any hobby or line of work. Wide-ranging experts (Tam) are few and far between.

Sometimes even they have to stop and ponder. That's when it's better to be lucky than smart:

Over at Say Uncle, Unk's linked to a mystery gun. Tam was having one of those it's-right-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue moments, identifying the design antecedents of the gun; I took one look and muttered, "It's a Star, Model F, I have one a lot like it..."

Quick trip to the safe and I've actually got two; one's an FR, (which I suspect is the "mystery" model) and the other, older, is a plain F. Very nice little .22 target pistols from a decent Spanish gunmaker.

Interestingly, while the artwork on the box shows the FR's bell-shaped barrel housing, it omits the slide stop notch.

I'm not sure about Blue Book on these but I paid just over $100 for each.

PS: The Beeb's article seems to imply the gun in their picture is a Kel-Tec. Sloppy, sloppy. It's called Google, Auntie. It's called Wikipedia. Give them a go!

PPS: Commenter-d00d, they are not toys. Kinda cute, true.


GeorgeH said...

PS: Commenter-d00d, they are not toys.

No, but almost. 8-{0

Roberta X said...

You've got me there! >curtsey< Yeah, it's got that friendly-toy look, which is (IMO) not inapt for a .22 plinker.

Mark said...


You really think your Beeb reporter's going to draw suspicion on himself by showing a little gun knowledge? You get an automatic five years behind bars for having a handgun here - no trial beyond proof of having been in physical contact with it, and away you go.

"How do you know so much about guns, Mr. Reporter?"